Friday, March 09, 2007

Moses, Moses, Moses

From APj's Daily Reflections
Exodus 3:1-4:17

Moses, Moses, Moses. When ya say his name, dontcha just picture Charleton Heston? – brave, silver hair blowing in the wind (God’s breath), unshirking, challenging Pharaoh to , “Let my people go!”

“What a man!” I say to myself, “I wanna be just like him!”

Just like Moses, I find myself suffering from a terrible case of buhwhadifs……

“buhwhadifs?” you ask, “that sounds serious. Surely he recovered”

Yes, it is serious – and please don’t call me Shirley.

So, take a stroll with me – and my man, Moses:

Moses, (on the lam from the law after having murdered a man) finds himself on a Mt. Horab with a burning bush. “Hmmm….." he mutters, "How is it that the bush is burning, but not burnt up?” and off he goes to discover that it ain’t no ordinary thing.

Moses, recognizing God by his speech, falls to his knees.

--so far, so good, eh?

Burning Bush, aka God, ever the consummate public speaker, tells Moses who he is and that He has seen the suffering of his people. “Go,” he orders Moses, “Get my people.”

::Race buzzer::

Announcer (off screen), “And we’re off!!! Holy Moses!! Look and listen to the budwhadifs coming from him!”

Who am I to do this?”
But what if they want to know Your name?”
But what if they don’t believe me?”
But I’m not a good speaker.”

Even as God (of course), answers and supplies all that is needed, Moses (as seen above), keeps coming up with another reason as to why he can’t do God’s will. Moses, obviously in utter despair, gives God my absolute fave line in the exchange:
“O Lord, please send someone else.”

If God really does look like George Burns (in my version), he has to have a huge bald spot on the side of his head! “Fine!” God curtly responds as he pulls the last of his hair out, “Aaron is coming. I will speak to you, you will speak to Aaron, and Aaron will speak to the people. All will be well…
--but don’t forget the staff…..just in case.

Dear God,
Sorry I’m full of the “butwhadifs.” I’ll try to listen and do what you tell me. Perhaps, though, you could send me an Aaron. I’m kinda more like Moses then I thought….


lime said...

i think my similarity to moses is more about banging on rocks to illustrate my displeasure with the folks around me, and realizing too late what the price will be.

KFarmer said...

I think I would die of fright if I had to speak in front of all those people. I could see me handing out pamplets w/directions... ;)

RACHEL said...

Some of the most holy people that have lived were the most hesitant prophets. Even Jesus had his moment in the garden when he asked God if there was any way to avoid what had to be done. Fortunately, his obedience followed.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

so, yeah, Moses...

Moses had a problem with talking, and was considered to possibly either be extremely bad at communicating, (or) he stuttered.
(..but Lord, I have stoppeth of speech.)
---can you imagine leading a few million Jews through the wilderness with a stutter?

-Aaron? -aaron actually was a weak link in the deal... he was the one who came up with the golden calf...

-Moses? -after a while, he got so used to dealing with God, ---(and so often complained about how stiff-necked the people were, ---that a funny thing began to happen... Moses actually began to plead their case to God... in more than one occasion, God said, '..okay, tell you what, you're right, they suck, I'll wipe them out, and we'll start over and I'll create a new race out of you and your family..'
-Moses then explains how if HE did that, there would be no grace demonstrated, and that the people are thick as bricks, --but they were God's own Bricks, --and what would the enemies of God and the Jews think??? (What kind of God destroys his own people?)
(It was brilliant.)

And the last part of Moses? (I mean, after he wants to see God face to face, ---so God basically moons him???

Even when he said 'I'm not angry with these people for being who they are YOU are, not me...'
-God still forgave Moses and actually did show him the promised land, (so Moses actually got to see the place,)
---and he actually got to go there when he, God, and the prophet (during the transfiguration,) sat and talked with Jesus...
(When Peter blurted out...'well, gee, it's good that WE'RE here.. (and wanted to sell T-Shirts and set up concession booths.)

Gods promises do come true, actually.
-Do they always come true as we see them and want them now?
-Sometimes yes, sometimes no, --(because sometimes he has something better than we'd know to ask for or consider.)

(...and did you realize that Moses got married to a really cute black lady???)

You never know with God... he's funny sometimes.