Friday, March 16, 2007


Okay.....I got this from Solitaire.

Write exactly whats in your head and don't change it..

1. My 'ex' is still.... a loser. With a name like "Voldemort" what do you expect?

2. I am listening to.... God….or at least I’m TRYING to….if these damn voices in my head would settle down.
3. Maybe I should....try harder? take a different train? try blue eye shadow? I don't know, you decide. I'm tired of the "woulda-coulda-shoulda."

4. I love....::little baby ducks, old pickup trucks...::

5. My best friend(s)... is threatening to become homicidal. Omigawd!

6. I don't many things. But I often tell myself that I don't have to UNDERSTAND, I just have to ACCEPT and go with it.

7. I've lost my respect for..... hmmm....I think we'll leave this blank for now. Seriously...

8. I last ate...... when I was hungry.

9. The meaning of my display name is.... because I grew tired of being plain Jayne, flung my body from the sky, and was dubbed air-plane-jayne.

10. Love is....blind...NOT! Geez, wouldn't it be great if it was? Blind I mean?

11. Someday....I will find my ship and prince. Because OBVIOUSLY they are both lost. or confused. or blind. Geez, why can't men just ask for directions? Or for SOMEONE TO DRAW A MAP!!!!!
12. I will always.... persevere. Even when I say I won’t…I will.

13. Love seems to be.... fickle, fleeting, unreachable.

14. I never ever want to lose.... my perseverance.

15. My mobile phone is.... way different from everyone else’s. But I wanna new one. I NEED a new one.

16. When I woke up this morning.... ::you were on my m-i-i-n-d. You were on my mind! I got…

17. I get annoyed at/with.... artificial ______________. Insert your own noun: intelligence, friendship, sympathy, etc.

18. Parties….Rock! As long as there is dancing. ::Shake, shake, shake. Shake,shake,shake!::

19. My pets...are much loved, but can be a burden. not complaining, but two inside cats, a bird, three horses, and 4 homeless ferral cats can be a bit much.

20. Kisses....unless we’re talking about the chocolate kind, I don’t remember what they’re like.

How 'bout you?


lime said...

solitaire is blogging again??? cool gotta check her.

and i think i'll be stealing this even if i don't exactly follow the directions.

as for #17.......boobs. ok sorry, you said to use what was in my head and not edit it...see whay i gotta tweak this??

Katie :) said...

It's on my blog woman!

lecram sinun said...

Hmmm... :: Dr. F stroking chin as you lay on couch :: I vould suggest some psycho-sexual exercises for this condition... mit this!

:: holds up cucumber ::

Vould you have a good recipie for a cucumber salad?

Solitaire said...

I may just have to make a return... minimal, but I'm missing the blogger community. I've been gone for too long. :-)

jade ed girl said...

ok ok- I'm back!!

Anonymous said...

can't remember kissing? you can practice on me!

airplanejayne said...

lime: tweaking boobs? sorry....had to....

katie: hey, want some candy?

lecram: don't want it diced and sliced....

sol: so write sumptin already!

jade: ditto!

Bees: one of this daze.....

Gawpo said...

Dear Airplanejayne,


How are you?

I am fine.

I got here from Lime's blog.

I like Lime.

I was wondering how you got your name, Airplanejayne.

When I see the word "airplane"
I go there.

Here I am.

I am from Turlock.

I live in Oregon.

I like Lime.

Did I already say that?

I think I did.

So I am not going to erase it.

But I do like Lime.

And she is neat.

And I got here from her blog.

And stuff.

Please write back.