Monday, March 26, 2007

Josh Verdes- Original-

...stumbled upon this song while perusing youtube.
Home is such an important part of me: I'm lucky to have two: my little slice-of-heaven-ranchette, and Nebraska - where my folks are. As long as I have threads back to those places, I feel free enough to fly.

so if you're feeling homesick, borrow this song. and if you're still ill...well, in the words of Mr. Wizard,
"razzle dazzle dazzle dome, time for this one to come home"


jade ed girl said...

Nice song. I think the hardest thing about losing my Mom is feeling like I no longer have a home. Bout the best I can do most days is to find "a piece of home in a kindly word."

lime said...

thanks, apj...that whole idea of roots and wings is a good one and i feel the same way.

KIEN LIM said...

Nice tune. Cheers.

Home, yea, at the mo is in my heart. Guess that's where it'll always be.

Jade ed - hmmm.... words sound familiar...

jade ed girl said...

DK- ya think? It's a line from one of my favorite songs. Only problem is.... the guy who sings it tries to dress like a white guy!